Franchising is a growth strategy that a business can use to
expand and capture market shares. Franchising allow several different
entrepreneurs to share a brand identity, a successful method of operating
business and share a marketing and distribution strategy that’s already proven.
Basically, it’s a business model where the owner of the business (Franchisor)
is sharing the rights to use a successful business operation to another
entrepreneur (Franchisee). 

The risk of starting your own business involves many “trial
and error” period where you usually don’t generate profit, learning about how
to run your business while in operation can also be very challenging and then dealing
with bureaucracy issues with the government without any experience can be
stressful. By being part of a franchise, the risks of starting your own
business is mitigated. This is because, most franchisors are already
experienced in their day-to-day operation and have a stable business system.
They have also done their own “trial and error” which make them understand the
market and national culture. Lastly, the most important of all, they are

The only negative part of being a franchisee is the one-time investment and the on-going royalty/marketing fees that has to be paid when contract is sign. But most franchisor usually negate the royalty/marketing fees at the start of the business to make sure the franchise is up and running so that it can be successful.


Here in Myanmar, a few of the local brand have started to franchise their business. The one that stick out the most among these brands is “SP Bakery”. SP Bakery is one of nation’s market-leading bakery that have been in business for half a century. Their cakes, drinks and pastries are so amazing and priced reasonable that they are local’s favorites.

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